5 Amazingly Cheap Places to Travel in 2019

Top five cheap amazingly places to travel in 2019 are Georgia, Laos, Argentina, Nepal, and Romania.

The Georgia which made the number one on the list is not the Georgia of the United States but the country which sits on the intersection of Asia and Europe. The capital of this country is Tbilisi, and it is a great place to visit. The spectacular sightseeing of their traditional wooden Georgian houses standing next to the Soviet-era architecture and including their daring contemporary designs is a definite must-see. Visitors can also explore the stunning Caucasian mountain range, go visit the black sea and visit ancient hilltop monasteries all over the country. For a person that’s on a backpacker’s budget, it’s about $20 USD a day mid-range budget is $40 USD a day. Visitors can find dorms for five USD a night and $15 USD a night budget rooms.

The second cheapest amazing place is Laos. Laos is known mainly as a Southeast Asia destination for adventures. It is sparsely populated, mountainous and has about 70% forest coverage. This place makes it a paradise for visitors who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, kayaking, zip-lining, and hot air ballooning. All of these activities are at an extreme budget price. Over the years this country has had an improved infrastructure which has become more accessible for visitors such as backpackers to enjoy this country with a budget of USD$20 a day and for a mid-range budget, it’s USD $40 a day.

Third cheapest amazingly place is Argentina. Argentina is an extremely cheap country to travel due to its never-ending economic troubles. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors since a USD would get you about 40 Argentinian pesos. Popular places for visitors include Buenos Aires, Salter, Corodoba and the epic waterfalls of Foz do Ignacu. Also, the Patagonia mountain region in the far south is a must-see. It’s known for its snowy peaks at Torres del Paine and visitors gets the opportunity to see penguins and whales. A backpackers budget is USD $30 a day and a mid-range budget is USD $50 a day.

The fourth most cheap amazing place is in Nepal. Nepal is known to be one of the world’s cheapest places for mountaineers, whether you take a guided or an independent Tour of the mountains. There are routes which go through the Himalayas and have many tea houses where visitors can eat and sleep. Nepal is known for the epic seven days hiking to Annapurna base camp. The budget for this hiking trip according to a visitor was just under USD $20 a day. A backpacker budget for Nepal is USD $20 a day and a mid-range budget for USD $40 a day.

The fifth cheapest amazing place is Romania. This Transylvania region has many cute medieval towns, ancient fortified churches and, spectacular Carpathian mountain ranges. This is a beautiful country with great food and friendly people. It is a great destination for visitors to visit a country in Europe. A backpackers budget is USD $40 a day and a mid-range budget is US$60 a day.